Do norwegians have the best understanding of sweden and danish?

Perry Konopelski asked a question: Do norwegians have the best understanding of sweden and danish?
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  • Like the romance languages, Scandinavian languages have much in common. Danes and Norwegians can understand each other and so can Norwegians and Swedes . Swedish and Danish do not have quite as much in common. Norwegian seems to be the common denominator.

According to a scientific study, of the three groups, Norwegians generally understand the other languages better than any other group, while Swedes understand the least. In general, Danish and Norwegian speakers will be able to understand the other's language after only a little instruction or exposure.


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  • Whereas written Danish and Norwegian (Norwegian bokmål) is very similar, the written Swedish language contains some words that a Danish and Norwegian person cannot possibly understand unless they know them beforehand. When it comes to pronunciation, however, Swedish and Norwegian are very close.

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The main difference is pronunciation, and a few words. I don't know what Danes think Swedish sounds like, but most Swedes think that Danish sounds a bit slurred. Two common jokes are that Danish sounds like Swedish, spoken with a potato in your mouth, or that Danish sounds like a modulated yawn.

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  • In the 12th century, the dialects of Denmark and Sweden began to diverge, becoming Old Danish and Old Swedish in the 13th century. All were heavily influenced by Middle Low German during the medieval period.
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However, what we recommend is visiting during the shoulder months of May and September. This is because the hotspots of Norway, Sweden and Denmark can be very busy at the height of summer. During the period just before and just after the summer, you enjoy nice weather and plenty of daylight but with fewer crowds.

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