How does retirement work in sweden?

Thad Kris asked a question: How does retirement work in sweden?
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How does pension system in sweden works? salary in .

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Everyone who has worked and lived in Sweden receives the public pension. The income pension and premium pension is based on your pensionable income… Every year 18.5% of your pensionable income is earmarked for your retirement pension. 16% goes to your income pension, and the remaining 2.5% to the premium pension.

There is no fixed retirement age in Sweden. You can apply for your income pension from the month you become 62 years of age at the earliest and there is no upper age limit. You have the right to work until you are 68, but you can also work for longer if you and your employer agree on this.


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Is retirement free in sweden?

The national public pension is based on all your income in Sweden throughout your life. Every year you work and pay taxes, you earn towards your national public pension… The national public pension is paid out as long as you live.

What is sweden's retirement age?

The average retirement age for Swedes increased to 65 in 2020, according to the Swedish Pensions Agency.

What is the national retirement pension in sweden?
  • The national retirement pension is administered by the Swedish pension authority, the Swedish Pensions Agency. It comprises income pension and premium pension, both of which are based on income. Retirement pension also has other components, depending on when you were born, if you have had low income, or if you had no income at all.
What is the retirement age in sweden?
  • The usual retirement age in Sweden is 65, but employees currently are protected from forced retirement until age 67.
What's the percentage of people who work in sweden?
  • Seven percent of Swedes who work have an income below the EU’s at-risk-of-poverty threshold. The average in the European Union is 10 percent. In Sweden, it is more common that young people, single parents with children and foreign born persons have a low income despite being in work.

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Health, economic incentives and disability insurance in sweden Why is sweden the best country to work in?
  • Sweden boasts some of the best benefits in the world such as affordable healthcare, generous vacation time and free education. It truly is a haven for social welfare and high living standards. But while the country has the highest tax rates globally, it also offers impressive, lucrative careers paths.

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