How often is stockholm syndrome?

Blanca Larkin asked a question: How often is stockholm syndrome?
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Stockholm syndrome describes the psychological condition of a victim who identifies with and empathizes with their captor or abuser and their goals. Stockholm syndrome is rare; according to one FBI study, the condition occurs in about 8 percent of hostage victims.


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  • A staple of Stockholm’s nightlife scene, this buttercup-yellow theatre has been around since the 1800s and is now home to a complex of buzzing bars apt for different occasions. For the best views, head up to the champagne sky bar and terrace on the seventh floor.

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  • Airfare and room rates are slightly more expensive than the winter, but springtime in Stockholm is still cheaper than the summer. But don't expect a whole lot of warmth during spring. March averages drift between the mid-20s and 30s, and during April highs get up to about 48 degrees.

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Lavery has been writing since 1976 and since then has had multiple plays in the National Theatre's Connections anthologies as well as several collaborations with the physical theatre company Frantic Assembly, including It Snows (2008); Beautiful Burnout (2010) and of course, Stockholm (2007).

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  • If You Scream Out Your Window At Night In Sweden, Something Unexpected Happens. The phenomena is called the Flogsta Scream. Here is a weird thing that is totally real: when someone screams out their window in Sweden, Sweden screams right back.

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  • • Free parking is allowed in the suburbs Liljeholmen and Solna. Public transport (Metro) is available for additional travel to the city. • Stockholm Parkering has 21 P+R-facilities around Stockholm near the train stations in Spanga, Flystra, Lidingö, Bromma, Hagersten, Västertorp en Alvsjo.

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