Norway and sweden are located on the __________ peninsula?

Crystel Bergnaum asked a question: Norway and sweden are located on the __________ peninsula?
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  • The Scandinavian Peninsula is a peninsula located in Northern Europe, which roughly comprises the mainland of Sweden, the mainland of Norway, the northwestern area of Finland, and a sliver of Northwest Russia. The name of the peninsula is derived from the term Scandinavia, the cultural region of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. That cultural name is in turn derived from the name of Scania, the region at the southern extremity of the peninsula which was for centuries a part of Denmark, which is the an
  • Mainland Sweden and Norway are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, which also includes Finland ’s northwestern portion and part of northwestern Russia. The peninsula derives its name from the term “Scandinavia,” derived from “Scania,” a region previously considered part of Denmark but now a portion of Sweden.

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