Sweden forest fires 2018 how many?

Rafaela Wilderman asked a question: Sweden forest fires 2018 how many?
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  • The summer of 2018 in Sweden was unusually warm and dry, the warmest summer in 260 years, and the long drought led to many forest fires in different regions of the country. The number of reported fires during the first half year of 2018 amounted to 1,204, which is a higher number than the previous five first halves of the years.
  • In totalt it’s estimated that more than 25 000 hectares and almost 3 million cubic meter wood were destroyed by fire in the Swedish forests. This is far more than we are used to. The summer of 2018 was very warm and dryer than ever in Sweden. Over 4000 forest fires was registered by the authorities

The summer was unusually warm and dry, significantly raising the risk of fire. Firefighters from multiple countries were involved in fighting the fires. ...

2018 Sweden wildfires
Total firesc. 50 — as of 23 July
Total area250 km2 (100 sq mi) — as of 23 July
Date(s)May – August 2018 (peak in July)

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