What do people in sweden eat for christmas?

Kaylin Windler asked a question: What do people in sweden eat for christmas?
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  • Christmas in Sweden . Another popular food at Christmas in Sweden is 'risgrynsgröt' (rice porridge that's eaten with 'hallonsylt' [raspberry jam] or sprinkled with some cinnamon). It's often eaten during the evening after people have exchanged their presents.
  • Swedish lussebulle or lussekatt are traditional saffron buns synonymous with Christmas in Sweden. They are also called Saint Lucy’s Day buns as they are traditionally eaten on December 13th, which is St. Lucia’s Day. This pastry is made with an egg and butter enriched sweet dough infused with strands of saffron and juicy raisins.

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A good food Sweden people eat for Christmas is pozole.

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