What mountains are in sweden?

Georgette Barrows asked a question: What mountains are in sweden?
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  • - Kebnekaise. Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden with an elevation of 6,909 feet above the sea level located in Sapmi. - Sarektjåkkå. Sarektjåkkå is Sweden’s second highest mountain and the highest point in Laponian area rises to an elevation of 6,854 feet above the sea level. - Kaskasatjåkka… - Akka…

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There are a couple of mountains in Sweden, the highest mountains are just above 2000m and are located in Lappland, north of Sweden. The most known of these are Kebnekaise which is both number one and two, the south top is 2104m while the north top is 2097m. the Kjolen Mountains ar located on the boarder of Sweden and Norway

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