Why does mumford and sons not play in sweden?

Sabina Bashirian asked a question: Why does mumford and sons not play in sweden?
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Mumford and Sons say they will boycott a Swedish music festival after reports emerged that 17 women were sexually assaulted at the event last weekend. Authorities received five reports of rape and 12 of sexual assault during Bravalla, Sweden's biggest festival.

  • Marcus Mumford (l.) and Winston Marshall (r.) of the band Mumford and Sons have vowed not to play Sweden’s Bravalla Festival in the future unless organizers deal with a spate of sexual assaults and rapes that allegedly took place last week. (Michael Graae/For New York Daily News)
  • Mumford and Sons has refused to play future gigs at Bravalla, a huge music festival in Sweden where, over the weekend, 17 women were reported victims of sexual assault. Multiple women filed police reports during the three-day festival, which took place in Norrkoping.

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