Why should you visit sweden?

Porter Hirthe asked a question: Why should you visit sweden?
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  • Reasons to visit Sweden. Sweden is famous for outdoor activities like skiing, sailing, canoeing, angling, golf and fell walking, but Sweden is a lot more... Sweden has impenetrable forests, special in the north and sunny beaches and farmland in the south. Stockholm is a modern Nordic capital and is the capital of waterways, green parks and royal monuments.
  • Beautiful cities to visit in Sweden have atmospheric cafes and bars in the lanes and galleries. They all are blended among modern architecture and traditional buildings. The nightlife choices are incredible and a large number of its cities are home to sizeable populations.
  • A trip to Sweden isn't complete until you visit one of the thousands of islands that surround the country on all of its coasts. Make sure to get out of the main cities to do some island-hopping and learn how the locals live. You can be charmed by Swedish culture and revel in the natural beauty.
  • In short, we are celebrating summer by dancing around a Maypole like frogs and drinking way too many schnapps while singing silly songs. Visitors that are looking for an unusual and fun cultural experience, then this is definitely a good reason to visit Sweden.

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