Where is best to live in sweden?

Gus Rolfson asked a question: Where is best to live in sweden?
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  • Historical building and public parks make Stockholm one of the best cities to live in Sweden. Talking about Cost of living, people can buy groceries at moderate prices. Moreover, rental properties are available at cheap prices and that would be an attractive offer for foreigners coming to Stockholm.

Is Sweden a good country to live in?

  • Sweden ranked the world's best country for immigrants to live in. Justin Trudeau , in second-placed Canada, says 'Diversity is our strength' as UK sits 17th. Sweden has been ranked the world's best country for immigrants, ahead of Canada and Switzerland.

What are the best cities to visit in Sweden?

  • Stockholm Where to Stay.
  • Gothenburg Where to Stay.
  • Malmo Where to Stay.
  • Helsingborg.
  • Karlskrona.
  • Lund.
  • Linkoping.
  • Umea.
  • Uppsala Where to Stay.
  • Visby Where to Stay.

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